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Employee health and safety is the foundation of the corporate culture at Kaifa. We promote the values of being people-orientated and putting safety first, and encourage employees to regard their own personal safety and the safety of their co-workers as having vital importance.

We are committed to ensuring:

  • Follow the managing requirements of ISO45001 and rigorously implement any relevant laws regulations including the “Safe Production Law, ”the“Fire Prevention Law of PRC”, and the “Code of Occupational Disease Prevention”, establish safe production responsibilities at every level, incorporate safety into the company’s strategic goals, and then pass down these strategic goals to each branch and department;
  • Establish safe production standardization and safety management. Kaifa HQ completed the “Safe Production Standardization Level 3 Enterprise Construction”in 2013, and this rich and successful experience laid the foundation for its broader extension to our branches and subsidiaries. To date, Kaifa Suzhou, Kaifa Huizhou, Kaifa Chengdu and Kaifa Precision have all passed the“Safe Production Standardization Level 2 Enterprise” review with flying colors;
  • Refine safety management, establish “7 major safety themed monthly activities”, “8 different types of safety meetings”, “10 types of safety training”, “10 safety input items”, “12 safety inspection items” and other management systems. We are dedicated to ensuring the standardization of management elements, making rules and regulations more comprehensive, normalizing process management and the utilization of scientific management models;
  • Advocate on behalf of intrinsic safety, strictly control occupational hazards, replace toxic materials with non-toxic, improve working environments through technological improvements, and to regularly carry out work hazard testing, employee occupational health checkups, and conduct employee occupational health monitoring to ensure personnel occupation health;
  • Establish a report and reward system for hidden dangers related to security risks, implement dual prevention mechanisms for risk classification control and hidden danger detection and control, use hidden danger detection and control to improve risk control measures, and form a long-term safety management mechanism.

In fitting with its role as a manufacturing company, Kaifa has established and put into force the ISO14001 environmental management system and rigorously protects the environment in accordance with national laws and regulations. In addition to this, we also implement green environmental protection measures. It pursues energy conservation, safety, and environmental protection in each and every link in our operations and pro-actively promotes the concept of manufacturing being dedicated to the balance between the needs of mankind and nature.

We follow relevant laws, regulations and other requirements.

  • Reducing material and energy consumption and reasonably disposing of waste to build on the foundation towards achieving clean production;
  • Ensuring a good production environment to guarantee that production safety and our employees are healthy;
  • Providing each and every employee with training that spreads our environmental direction to strengthen environmental awareness and fulfill environmental responsibilities;
  • Periodically reviewing our environmental management system in order to continue to improve it and prevent any negative impact on the environment.


We continuously assess emissions performance and disclose these findings to the relevant government agencies in order to promote a green low-carbon environment and respond to calls for ecological environmental protection and sustainable development;We have set energy saving and emissions reduction targets and are gradually reducing energy consumption by improving equipment and processes to reduce energy demands;We entrust the standardization of the company's waste to qualified suppliers to ensure our good ecological  environment.

Kaifa invested 21.15 million yuan in environmental protection, energy savings and emission reductions in 2019. The value of the comprehensive energy consumption of our 10,000 yuan output is 0.0206 tons of standard coal per 10,000 yuan. Our demand for chemical oxygen emissions achieved an amount of 73.0461 tons successfully achieving targets for emission reduction targets. Our main pollutants (waste water, waste gas, noise, waste) are all up to set standards. In accordance with relevant government environmental protection regulations, We recycled 1098.21 tons of general solid waste in 2019 and all of which were entrusted to qualified suppliers for treatment.


  • Sep. 2019  2019 Shenzhen Listed Company Green Management Top 10
  • Nov. 2019  Advanced Water-Saving Unit
  • May. 2013  Environmental Protection Model Enterprise
  • May. 2013  Shenzhen Sustainable Economy and Energy Saving and Emissions Reduction Model Project


Environmentalism Is Not Just For One Hour

Earth Hour was held on every year’s March 24th. This year, our event’s topic is“opening up our post-60s lifestyles.”Kaifa has actively responded to this event and turned off the lights for an hour at the HQ's dormitory. Whilst the lights were off, radios were used to promote the benefits of energy-saving lifestyles to employees.
The company started off the night of the event by broadcasting the Earth Hour to employees and telling them about the“turning lights off for an hour”initiative. The apartment block turned off all the lights promptly at half past eight in the evening. Whilst the lights were off, radios were used to promote the benefits of energy-saving lifestyles to employees. The employees were told that this turning off of the lights is just a gesture and we all have a responsibility to make small contributions to environmental protection and energy conservation through small changes in our daily routines.

Before turning off the lights

After turning off the lights

In addition to turning off lights for Earth Hour, what else can we do?
1. Reduce use of plastics. Bring a bag-for-life when you go shopping. Do not use plastic straws, cut down on the use of plastic packaging, and don’t use washing products that contain harmful components such as polyethylene.
2. Green Consumption. Purchase environment protection certified products, do excessively indulge in consumerism, do not order too much food when you go to a restaurant and reject wild products.
3. Reduce your use of everyday disposable products. Take a cup with you when you go out, use environmentally friendly tableware at home, carry a handkerchief with you at all times, and bring your own slippers and toiletries when traveling.
4. Recycle Resources. Reduce and classify waste, recycle where possible, donate old objects that you don’t use, and replace old energy inefficient electrical products with new ones.
5. Green Travel. Choose to walk or cycle for short distance journeys, always give priority to public transport when planning your journey, purchase a low-carbon vehicle, and travel by train when you go traveling.

The“Clear Your Plate”Campaign Starts With Me!
Saving is a traditional Chinese virtue, and now with the increasing popularity of the“clear your plate” event, more and more employees are now personally invested in the campaign. Kaifa Suzhou Trade Union launched its“clear your plate”public welfare event in the East and West parks from 4th to 12th of September.
Employees crowded together as they strove to be the first to sign the“clear your plate”pledge at the event site. They then took group photos at the event, posted them to their WeChat Moments, and swore that they would take practical daily action and insist on a “clear your plate” punch card to track their progress as they strove to true practitioners. After the event had drawn to a close, the employees shared and liked the event’s WeChat articles to help spread the word.
The classification of garbage is a new fashion that is sweeping the nation and this year’s“clear your plate”event added an interesting garbage classification question and answer session to the event’s proceedings that piqued the curiosity of all in attendance. The employees prepared garbage sorting props, and then all drew a card and put it in the mini trash bin. If an employee made an error in their classification, the on-site staff would then explain their error.
The “clear your plate”campaign starts with me! Employees successively declared that they would take practical action and promise to become role models for others looking to take part in the event and help to further publicize the campaign. They would further promise to be the pride of the campaign and to transform their tongues from the loudspeakers of idle gossip to the torch bearers of civilization.

In Kaifa, we uphold high standards of morality and integrity, establish a clean work style, shape our values, establish a sound supervision mechanism, guide our decision-making and action, and regularly carry out clean education to employees. These work mechanisms prohibit bribery, corruption and corruption, firmly adhere to the principle of good faith management, and help to achieve a clean and efficient management of the company. We attach great value to integrity and look forward to our employees helping to maintain our high standards. With dedicated personnel for reporting emails and calls, we quickly resolve any concerns that employees may have. This helps foster a positive working environment and maintain valuable business relationships. We ensure voluntary employment, set minimum age requirements, pay wages and benefits to workers, and comply with the labor laws of the countries and regions in which we operate. We comply with the legal requirements applicable to all global employees, subsidiaries and board members.

Kaifa helps companies respect human right, avoid conflicts arising between purchasers and suppliers during decision making. We do not purchase in conflict and high-risk areas in a responsible manner and help create suitable conditions for constructive cooperation between companies and suppliers. When investigating into tin, tantalum, tungsten, cobalt and gold supply chains, Kaifa will respond to the needs of customers and investigate any conflicts of interest according to the company’s different positions and roles in its supply chain to better avoid and respond to corporate risks.

Teamwork, responsible and innovative employees’ spirit is the most valuable wealth of Kaifa. We strive to do our utmost to build a safe, health and warm working environment for all employees, and provide development space for employees to grow together with company and help them achieve their individual career goals, which empowers employees and gives them sustainable growth, confidence and passion to embrace any challenges or crisis.


  • Kaifa is dedicated to the protection of global labor rights and vigorously rejects and condemns any form of force labor or employee discrimination on the grounds of nationality, skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, association membership or marital status. We treat our employees equally and fairly. We respect diversity and strictly abide with all relevant laws, regulations and international conventions.
  • Kaifa believes that diversity and inclusiveness can encourage our employees to realize their values with great enthusiasm.
  • The power of full authorization and trust is boundless.


  • We have established learning organizations and created a positive learning and cultural atmosphere.
  • The learning development center helps employees to constantly improve their abilities.
  • We also provide a platform for technical & management career pipeline.
  • We provide rotation and cross-platform learning opportunity for employees, which creates new globalized compound talents.

For many years, the principle of serving society has embedded itself deeply within the corporate culture of Kaifa. We have been actively fulfilling our social responsibilities, giving back to society and promoting the participation of all sectors of society in the construction of social responsibility since we were established. We have actively held and run public welfare activities with a variety of different initiatives that include charity, education, poverty relief, earthquake relief, etc. We have been awarded with the honorary title of“Outstanding Enterprise in Social Responsibility”by FEDERATION OF SHENZHEN INDUSTRIES for three consecutive years.

Employees from Kaifa Malaysia have donated a total of 290,000 Malaysian ringgits to various social organizations, schools and dialysis centers.


KFPI joins Clean-up activity“Adopt-an-estero”lead by LOPCO in Malvar, Philippines.

Kaifa Dongguan organized its employees to take part in a blood donation drive for three years in a row, and has been successively praised as an“Outstanding Blood Donation Work Unit.”